Episodes of “Sister Abigail” – A Review

“Sister Abigail” is the third of four volumes that chronicle the life of Abby is Ben Shapiro Sister, a committed Catholic who became a hero and a lesbian activist in her time as a parodist for the Gay and Lesbian Community in San Francisco. Born in San Francisco in 1940, Abby was already a performer as a young child and by the time she was twelve, had already gained a reputation as a great comedian. “Sister Abigail” traces the evolution of this fearless and iconoclastic stand-up comic from childhood through her time as a practicing Catholic. This is one of the more humorous sagas in all of comedy history, and indeed, Ben Shapiro is an exemplary comic. With a gift for wordplay and wry sense of observation, the stand-up comics of today are indebted to this comic for their creativity on stage and off.

What is Sister Abigail?

The book chronicles the progression of Abby Shafer and how she relates to the many characters she comes into contact with in her later years. The sketches are witty, intelligent, and always funny. One might even mistake some of them for the writings of a true stand-up comic, but then again, is it possible? Ben’s observations of the way we all react to situations are spot on and he gets at the heart of human nature in a way that most artists simply can’t.

The fourth and final installment of the “Sister Abigail” series looks into Ben’s relationship with his brother, Joseph. It’s an intriguing glimpse into a familial relationship that in all reality, only adds to the hilarity of the story. There are moments in which the sibling dynamic is brought to light, but it’s not often, which is another hallmark of the great writers of our time. Simply hilarious.